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Laminated Fabric
  • Laminated Fabric

  • Model No.: 8-7
  • Product Description: An extra layer of protection and to strengthen the function of fabric in waterproof ability, by using high tech lamination machine to provide fine quality product. POCOTEX has a...
  • Related Keywords: Composite Fabric Laminated Fabric 
Vinyl Coating Fabric
  • Vinyl Coating Fabric

  • Model No.: 8-6
  • Product Description: POCOTEX's film or coating is available in different thickness and can be transparents, colored or black-out according to different project request. It can be embossed and pr...
  • Related Keywords: Composite Fabric Vinyl Coating Fabric 
TPU Coating Fabric
  • TPU Coating Fabric

  • Model No.: 8-5
  • Product Description: TPU coating is a material integrating the functional performance and eco-friendly properties. We have a wide range of different TPU coating and lamination to fulfill various req...
  • Related Keywords: Composite Fabric TPU Coating Fabric 
PU Coating Fabric
  • PU Coating Fabric

  • Model No.: 8-4
  • Product Description: When it comes to eco-friendly concern, more and more countries start to restrict the use of phthalate-contained component in coating. We are capable of offering different level ...
  • Related Keywords: Composite Fabric PU Coating Fabric 
Coating Fabric
  • Coating Fabric

  • Model No.: 8-3
  • Product Description: PET/PO Coating is suitable to apply on fabric for applications such in tent, canopy and backpacks etc., when it comes to eco-friendly material concerns, PET/PO coating is stable...
  • Related Keywords: Composite Fabric Coating Fabric 
Welding Fabric
  • Welding Fabric

  • Model No.: 8-2
  • Product Description: When considering an ideal alternative of sewing and waterproof bag, we offer durable fabrics with different material and coating (PVC, PU, TPU and kiss coating) that can be weld...
  • Related Keywords: Composite Fabric Welding Fabric 
Sandwich Fabric
  • Sandwich Fabric

  • Model No.: 8-1
  • Product Description: With the cutting edge technology, we are one of the leading manufacturers willing to provide sandwich multi-layer functional composites fabric to be used in different outdoor eq...
  • Related Keywords: Composite Fabric Sandwich Fabric 
Raincoat Fabric
  • Raincoat Fabric

  • Model No.: 7-6
  • Product Description: POCOTEX's durable raincoat fabric is made from a variety of materials - nylon, tafflon and polyester fabric with polymar coating to ensure protection againest rain, wind, co...
  • Related Keywords: Motorcycle Fabric Raincoat Fabric 
Dry Bag Fabric
  • Dry Bag Fabric

  • Model No.: 7-5
  • Product Description: POCOTEX's 100% waterproof dry bag fabrics helps to protects contents from dust, sand, dirt and water. It is made from fabric with double side coating which can resist heavy ...
  • Related Keywords: Motorcycle Fabric Dry Bag Fabric 
Duffle Bag Fabric
  • Duffle Bag Fabric

  • Model No.: 7-4
  • Product Description: POCOTEX's durable duffle bag fabric are available in different material and constructions such as Nylon, Polyester and treated with DWR solution to avoid the moisture from s...
  • Related Keywords: Motorcycle Fabric Duffle Bag Fabric 
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Company Name Pocotex Technology Inc.
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