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Sun Shade
  • Sun Shade

  • Model No.: 4-8
  • Product Description: POCOTEX’s shade sails and sun shade is made from premium grade high-density polyethylene material, which are used to decrease up to 95% direct sunlight and UV rays without...
  • Related Keywords: Canopy Fabric Sun Shade 
Caravan Fabric
  • Caravan Fabric

  • Model No.: 4-7
  • Product Description: POCOTEX's caravan fabric can be seen on the various parts like rooftop tents, tarps, shower cubicles...etc. POCOTEX always makes no concessions on the quality control. Cara...
  • Related Keywords: Canopy Fabric Caravan Fabric 
Catering Tent
  • Catering Tent

  • Model No.: 4-6
  • Product Description: POCOTEX's stable and weatherproof catering tent fabric, an ideal choice for any outdoors tent manufacturers! High tensile and tearing fabric offers a particularly robust and...
  • Related Keywords: Canopy Fabric Catering Tent 
Event Tent
  • Event Tent

  • Model No.: 4-5
  • Product Description: POCOTEX's waterproof and fire-resistant tent fabric is suitable for indoor and outdoor events. It's superior ability of UV protection that can be used as long lasting sh...
  • Related Keywords: Canopy Fabric Event Tent 
Exhibition Tent
  • Exhibition Tent

  • Model No.: 4-4
  • Product Description: POCOTEX offers choices of fabric for exhibition/trade show events, POCOTEX's fabric is light and durable but with great function of waterproof, flame resistance, UV protecti...
  • Related Keywords: Canopy Fabric Exhibition Tent 
Event Tent Fabric
  • Event Tent Fabric

  • Model No.: 4-3
  • Product Description: POCOTEX's event tent with high tech engineered technology to take the most challenging weather conditions and site challenges. It is developed and tested to ensure its durab...
  • Related Keywords: Canopy Fabric Event Tent Fabric 
Market Tent
  • Market Tent

  • Model No.: 4-2
  • Product Description: POCOTEX's waterproof and weather-resistant market tent has been trusted partner for professional market stands manufacturers many years. When stands are assembled and disman...
  • Related Keywords: Canopy Fabric Market Tent 
Folding Tent
  • Folding Tent

  • Model No.: 4-1
  • Product Description: POCOTEX's folding tent fabric is waterproof and fire-resistant fabric made of nylon, polyester, cotton etc., which is suitable to use both indoor and outdoor. Wide range of ...
  • Related Keywords: Canopy Fabric Folding Tent 
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