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Pocotex Technology Inc.

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Acrylic Fabric
  • Acrylic Fabric

  • Model No.: 6-5
  • Product Description: POCOTEX's acrylic fabric is made from 100% solution dyed acrylic fiber which offers excellent durability, fade resistant and ease of care. It has excellent resistant to abra...
  • Related Keywords: Outdoor Upholstery Fabric Acrylic Fabric 
PP Fabric
  • PP Fabric

  • Model No.: 6-4
  • Product Description: POCOTEX's polypropylene (PP) fabric is made of the lightest synthetic fibers among other fibers such as polyester or nylon, a great choice if looking for light strong fabric...
  • Related Keywords: Outdoor Upholstery Fabric PP Fabric 
Dobby Fabric
  • Dobby Fabric

  • Model No.: 6-3
  • Product Description: POCOTEX's dobby fabric is available in variety of patterns and designs, anti-corrosive, water-repellent (C8, C6 or C0) and Ultraviolet resistant to protext human body from u...
  • Related Keywords: Outdoor Upholstery Fabric Dobby Fabric 
Spun Fabric
  • Spun Fabric

  • Model No.: 6-2
  • Product Description: POCOTEX's spun fabric made by solution dyed staple and filament polyester yarn that offers excellent UV protection and color fastness, which treated with water repellent in ...
  • Related Keywords: Outdoor Upholstery Fabric Spun Fabric 
Polyester Material
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Company Name Pocotex Technology Inc.
Country/Region Taiwan
City Miaoli County 35648
Address No. 169-4, Nanshe, Houlong Town
Telephone +886-37-450936
Fax +886-37-450937
Contact Person
Website www.canopyfabric.com