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Raincoat Fabric
  • Raincoat Fabric

  • Model No.: 7-6
  • Product Description: POCOTEX's durable raincoat fabric is made from a variety of materials - nylon, tafflon and polyester fabric with polymar coating to ensure protection againest rain, wind, co...
  • Related Keywords: Motorcycle Fabric Raincoat Fabric 
Dry Bag Fabric
  • Dry Bag Fabric

  • Model No.: 7-5
  • Product Description: POCOTEX's 100% waterproof dry bag fabrics helps to protects contents from dust, sand, dirt and water. It is made from fabric with double side coating which can resist heavy ...
  • Related Keywords: Motorcycle Fabric Dry Bag Fabric 
Duffle Bag Fabric
  • Duffle Bag Fabric

  • Model No.: 7-4
  • Product Description: POCOTEX's durable duffle bag fabric are available in different material and constructions such as Nylon, Polyester and treated with DWR solution to avoid the moisture from s...
  • Related Keywords: Motorcycle Fabric Duffle Bag Fabric 
Motorcycle Soft Bag
  • Motorcycle Soft Bag

  • Model No.: 7-3
  • Product Description: POCOTEX's soft bag fabric can be made from Nylon, Polyester and Spun in different weaving structure with superior coating technology to protect interior items to get wet fro...
  • Related Keywords: Motorcycle Fabric Motorcycle Soft Bag 
Waterproof Cover
  • Waterproof Cover

  • Model No.: 7-2
  • Product Description: POCOTEX's waterproof motorcycle cover fabric can be made from Nylon, Polyester in different weaving structure with superior coating technology to protect the motorcycle from...
  • Related Keywords: Motorcycle Fabric Waterproof Cover 
Motorcycle Bag
  • Motorcycle Bag

  • Model No.: 7-1
  • Product Description: POCOTEX's motorcycle bag fabric has the superior and outstanding performance especially UV levels among this market after years of in-depth development. The idea of any app...
  • Related Keywords: Motorcycle Fabric Motorcycle Bag 
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