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  • Model No.: 9-4
  • Product Description: MULTIGUARD fabrics from POCOTEX gives multiple protection in one single fabric. Besides, it could apply special film and membrane which could also make composites. For example, ...
  • Related Keywords: POCOTEX Fabric MULTIGUARD Fabric 
ECONA Fabric
  • ECONA Fabric

  • Model No.: 9-3
  • Product Description: ECONA fabric from POCOTEX includes the concept of high UV performance, blended weaving (PET, PP, Nylon, Spun) and dope dyed yarn, which is created by adding masterbatch colorant...
  • Related Keywords: POCOTEX Fabric ECONA Fabric 
  • RECYCLEVE Fabric

  • Model No.: 9-2
  • Product Description: RECYCLEVE fabrics from POCOTEX can be made of nylon or polyester, provides both environmental and circular economic benefits. Keeping bottles and plastics out of the landfills. ...
  • Related Keywords: POCOTEX Fabric RECYCLEVE Fabric 
Brand Fabric
  • Brand Fabric

  • Model No.: 9-1
  • Product Description: In response to various demands from customers, we invest and are equipped with various machines, materials, professions and passion to be tailor-made the products such as waterp...
  • Related Keywords: POCOTEX Fabric Brand Fabric 
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Company Name Pocotex Technology Inc.
Country/Region Taiwan
City Miaoli County 35648
Address No. 169-4, Nanshe, Houlong Town
Telephone +886-37-450936
Fax +886-37-450937
Contact Person
Website www.canopyfabric.com