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Digital To Analog Converter
  • Digital To Analog Converter

  • Model No.: AD5668BRUZ-2
  • Product Description: Octal, 12-/14-/16-Bit SPI Voltage Output denseDAC with 5 ppm/°C On-Chip Reference Description: The AD5628/AD5648/AD5668 devices are low power, octal, 12-/14-/16-b...
  • Related Keywords: AD IC Digital To Analog Converter 
Driver Components
  • Driver Components

  • Model No.: ADM3202ARUZ-REEL7
  • Product Description: Drivers/Receivers Low Power, 3.3 V, RS-232 Line Drivers/Receivers Description: The ADM3202/ADM3222/ADM1385 transceivers are high speed, 2-channel RS-232/V.28 in...
  • Related Keywords: AD IC Driver Components 
Video Encoder IC
  • Video Encoder IC

  • Model No.: ADV7171KSUZ
  • Product Description: Digital PAL/NTSC Video Encoder with 10-Bit, SSAF™ and Advanced Power Management Application: High performance DVD playback systems, portable video Equip...
  • Related Keywords: AD IC Video Encoder IC 
Analog To Digital Converter
RS232 Line Drivers
  • RS232 Line Drivers

  • Model No.: ADM202EANZ
  • Product Description: RS-232 Line Drivers/Receivers Dual Transmitter/Receiver RS-232 16-Pin PDIP N Tube Description: EMI/EMC-Compliant, ±15 kV, ESD-Protected RS-232 Line Drivers/Recei...
  • Related Keywords: AD IC RS232 Line Drivers 

  • Model No.: ADG1412YRUZ-REEL7
  • Product Description: IC SWITCH QUAD SPST 16TSSOP Description: 1.5 Ω On Resistance, ±15 V/+12 V/±5 V, iCMOS, Quad SPST Switches Application: Automated test equipment, Data acqu...
  • Related Keywords: AD IC CMOS IC 
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