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8 Bit Microcontroller

8 Bit Microcontroller

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Subject 8 Bit Microcontroller
Item No. PIC16F874-20I/P
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Electronic,Electrical > Electronic Component > Microchip IC

Detailed Product Description

  1. 28/40-Pin 8-Bit CMOS FLASH Microcontrollers.
  2. Description: The PIC16F876/873 devices come in 28-pin packages and the PIC16F877/874 devices come in 40-pin packages.
  3. The Parallel Slave Port is not implemented on the 28-pin devices.
  4. Features:
    • High performance RISC CPU
    • Only 35 single word instructions to learn
    • All single cycle instructions except for program branches which are two cycle
    • Operating speed: DC 20 MHz clock input DC 200 ns instruction cycle Up to 8K x 14 words of FLASH Program Memory, Up to 368 x 8 bytes of Data Memory (RAM) Up to 256 x 8 bytes of EEPROM Data Memory
    • Pinout compatible to the PIC16C73B/74B/76/77
    • Interrupt capability (up to 14 sources)
    • Eight level deep hardware stack
    • Direct, indirect and relative addressing modes
    • Power-on Reset (POR)
    • Power-up Timer (PWRT) and Oscillator Start-up Timer (OST)
  5. Delivery time: Usually 5-7 days from distributor
  6. Payment: T/T in advance
Issue Time:   2024-06-12
Expire Time:   2025-04-09

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