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​Dried lover fruit (soil mango dried fruit)

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​Dried lover fruit (soil mango dried fruit)

​Dried lover fruit (soil mango dried fruit)

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Product Name ​Dried lover fruit (soil mango dried fruit)
Item No. 341_L_F002
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Detailed Product Description

Dried lover fruit (soil mango dried fruit)  
 Made of fresh soil mango, pickled with low sugar, refreshing and not greasy~  
 ※ Low-temperature baking retains enzymes and nutrients, making it natural and healthy. It is roasted slowly at low temperature for a long time; therefore, it can fully extract and retain the richest and fullest green mango flavor.  
 ※ Natural fruit sweet and sour flavor, no coloring and artificial additives 
Intimate reminder: This is a natural preservative-free product, after opening or if you want to store it for a long time, you need to refrigerate it! 
 ☺☺Dried lover fruit has a unique earthy mango aroma and a sour taste~ Ah! Sour V ~ feels like being in love.

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