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Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Dried Fruit.

Company Introduction

Yongqing Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. The company's business items include food retail, daily necessities wholesale, medical equipment retail...etc. At present, the main foods are: dried roselle fruit, dried lover's fruit, dried love fruit, and dried red dragon fruit. Scented tea includes: dried roselle flower, roselle lemon flower and fruit tea bag. I will be engaged in dried fruit, mainly traditional candied fruit with more sugar and more salt, breaking the traditional culture to produce less sugar and less salt, keeping the original fruit, close to the original fruit, and paying more attention to food nutrition.

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Company Name YUNG QING CO,.LTD
Country/Region Taiwan
Province / State Taiwan
City Yuanlin
Address No.461,Ln.341,Darao Rd.,Yuanlin City,Changhua County,Taiwan
Zip / Postal Code 510
Telephone +886-933-535730
Fax +886-4-8382998
Contact Person liu yungtang
Catagories: Dried Fruit, Fruit Tea
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