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SUV Rims
  • SUV Rims

  • Model No.: 3-5,KR1291
  • Product Description: Color: GMF/ gunmetal face polished ; and more 20x9.0 ET30~45 5H100~120/130 KR1291 is a 7 split-spoke design and suitable for SUVs and sedans. The thin and sharp-lo...
  • Related Keywords: SUV Wheels SUV Rims 
SUV Car Wheels
  • SUV Car Wheels

  • Model No.: 3-4,KR1287
  • Product Description: Color: GL / glossy gold with lip polished ; MBK / matte black ; and more 18x8.0 ET30~45 5H/10H 100~120 690KG 20x8.5 ET30~45 5x100~120/130 850KG ...
  • Related Keywords: SUV Wheels SUV Car Wheels 
SUV Car Rims
  • SUV Car Rims

  • Model No.: 3-3,KR1250
  • Product Description: Color: BKF= glossy black + machined face ; BKV= black with spoke edge milling 22x10.5 ET15~50 5H PCD 108~120/130 20x9.0 ET35~45 5H PCD 112~120 (mold pending...
  • Related Keywords: SUV Wheels SUV Car Rims 
SUV Alloy Wheels
  • SUV Alloy Wheels

  • Model No.: 3-2,KR1146
  • Product Description: Color:GMF/ gunmetal face polished ; BHF4TK/ double dark tint with hand brush 19x8.5 ET15~50 5H100~120 770KG 19x9.5 ET15~45 5H100~120 770KG 19...
  • Related Keywords: SUV Wheels SUV Alloy Wheels 
Custom SUV Wheels
  • Custom SUV Wheels

  • Model No.: 3-1,KR1249 (A)
  • Product Description: Color: HPB / hyper black ; BKE / black with milling on spoke sides; and more 20x8.5 ET15~46 5x100~120/130 20x10 ET30~45 5x100~120/130 20x10A E...
  • Related Keywords: SUV Wheels Custom SUV Wheels 
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