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Ultrasonic Cleaner
Grinding Mill
  • Grinding Mill

  • Model No.: 5-7.Grinding Mill RT-Series
  • Product Description: Product Name: Shaker/Mixer Raw materials will be pulverized in short time with extreme high speed RPM crushing cutter spinning. Grinding Mill RT-Series is the most suitab...
  • Related Keywords: Laboratory Testing Equipment Grinding Mill 
Reciprocating Shaker
  • Reciprocating Shaker

  • Model No.: 5-6.Reciprocating Bath Shaker/ Reciprocal Shaker
  • Product Description: Product Name: Shaker/Mixer Reciprocal Shaker is designed for shaking, general mixing applications. Suitable for cell culturing, biological and microbiological growth tests...
  • Related Keywords: Laboratory Testing Equipment Reciprocating Shaker 
Hotplate Stirrer
  • Hotplate Stirrer

  • Model No.: 5-5.Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer
  • Product Description: Product Name: Hotplate Stirrer Our magnetic stirrer is widely used in laboratory applications for magnetic stirring and other operations. This device utilizes powerful pe...
  • Related Keywords: Laboratory Testing Equipment Hotplate Stirrer 
Jar Test
  • Jar Test

  • Model No.: 5-4.JT-Series
  • Product Description: Product Name: Jar Tester Uses: For industrial water pre-treatment; Drainage agglutination treatment; Drainage purification reflection; Drinking water disinfection treatm...
  • Related Keywords: Laboratory Testing Equipment Jar Test 
Friability Tester
  • Friability Tester

  • Model No.: 5-3.Friability Tester/ Friabilator
  • Product Description: Product Name: Friability Tester/Friabilator Friability Tester or Friabilator is an instrument to determine the abrasion rate and impact hardness of pharmaceutical tablet...
  • Related Keywords: Laboratory Testing Equipment Friability Tester 
Electronic Oscillator
Ball Mill
  • Ball Mill

  • Model No.: 5-1.Ball Mill
  • Product Description: Product Name: Ball Mill Features: BM type is economical, stable speed and has 4 kinds of machines to choose from. UBM typel uses non-segmented motor, adj...
  • Related Keywords: Laboratory Testing Equipment Ball Mill 
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