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Pultruded Profiles
  • Pultruded Profiles

  • Model No.: GPU
  • Product Description: Polyurethane Pultrusion Products FRP Pultruded Profiles are available in the form of channels, I-beams, angles, flat strips and notch bars. Strictly tested for mechanical and p...
  • Related Keywords: Fiber Reinforced Plastic Pultruded Profiles 
Thermoplastic Materials
Pultrusion Profiles
Thermoplastic Material
FRP Water Gate Related Products
Water Gate
  • Water Gate

  • Model No.: WGT
  • Product Description: FRP Water Gate Advantages of gate valve: Small fluid resistance. The torque for opening and closing is small, so it is easy to open and close. The medium flowing direction i...
  • Related Keywords: FRP Profiles Water Gate 
GRP Profiles
  • GRP Profiles

  • Model No.: GPP047020
  • Product Description: Glass Fiber P-Profile Fiberglass/ Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) or Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GRP) is composed of thermosetting plastics and reinforced fiberglass, G...
  • Related Keywords: FRP Profiles GRP Profiles 
Fiberglass Profile
  • Fiberglass Profile

  • Model No.: GFP
  • Product Description: Glass Fiber F-Profile The elementary element of the FRP pultrusion profiles for resin and glass fiber (including cloth, carpets, etc.), it was based on the fiber (including gla...
  • Related Keywords: FRP Profiles Fiberglass Profile 
Fiberglass Angle
  • Fiberglass Angle

  • Model No.: GAL
  • Product Description: Glass Fiber Angle Advantages of fiberglass angle: Tensile strength is very good and could be good at the steel part as the same specification. The length of the angle part co...
  • Related Keywords: FRP Profiles Fiberglass Angle 
Fiberglass Profiles
  • Fiberglass Profiles

  • Model No.: GUP050018
  • Product Description: Glass Fiber U-Profile Specifications: Anti-corrosion and anti-ageing. Very designable. Light weight and high strength. Easy of cutting and installation. Series of our pu...
  • Related Keywords: FRP Profiles Fiberglass Profiles 
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