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PVC Roller
  • PVC Roller

  • Model No.: HMC-series
  • Product Description: PVC sponge roller Application: Chemical liquid resistant sopping roller of etching section, wet roller Characteristics: Not dry and hard, heat resisting up to 60℃, good ...
  • Related Keywords: Sponge Roller PVC Roller 
PVA Sponge Roller
  • PVA Sponge Roller

  • Model No.: HMA-series<br/>HMAT-series
  • Product Description: PVA sponge roller Application: Wet sopping roller for circuit board Characteristics: Good moisture absorption, heat resisting up to 60℃ The product is popular in PCB in...
  • Related Keywords: Sponge Roller PVA Sponge Roller 
PU Sponge Roller
  • PU Sponge Roller

  • Model No.: HMU-series
  • Product Description: PU sponge roller Application: the dried front part of roller of printing circuit board equipment Characteristics: not dry and hard, heat resisting up to 120℃, good moist...
  • Related Keywords: Sponge Roller PU Sponge Roller 
Absorbent Sponge
  • Absorbent Sponge

  • Model No.: HMP-series
  • Product Description: PP sponge roller Application: Chemical liquid resistant roller inside etching trough Characteristics: Chemical liquid resistant (30% respectively for sodium hydroxide, hyd...
  • Related Keywords: Sponge Roller Absorbent Sponge 
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