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Amorphous Distribution Transformer
Cast Resin Transformers
Cast Resin Transformer
Epoxy Resin Transformer
Three Phase Dry Type Transformer
3 Phase Transformer
  • 3 Phase Transformer

  • Model No.: 10kVA-180MVA
  • Product Description: Xiamen Qihong Machinery Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. produces power transformers with a power capacity of 10kVA-180MVA in voltages from 3,3 kV to 330 kV on both sides, which c...
  • Related Keywords: Three Phase Transformer 3 Phase Transformer 
Dry Type Distribution Transformers
dry-type transformer
Dry Power Transformers
dry-type transformer
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Company Name www.powertransformerchina.com
Country/Region China
City Xiamen
Address Huli District
Telephone +86-592-1234432
Fax +86-592-1234432
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Website www.powertransformerchina.com