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LED Ceiling Light
  • LED Ceiling Light

  • Model No.: Ceiling Lights Series
  • Product Description: Features: Complete sealing design, clean and tidy, and avoiding dust, mouse, mosquito etc. come inside to pollute the resin panel. Efficiency light guide plate ...
LED Downlight
  • LED Downlight

  • Model No.: Down Lights Series
  • Product Description: Features: Use die-casting aluminum alloy as the material of main-body. Unique and beautiful looking design. Excellent heat dissipation performance. ...
LED Tube
  • LED Tube

  • Model No.: LED Tube Series
  • Product Description: Features: Energy saving: low power consumption, low heat, high level of brightness, uniform light-emitting and energy-saving. No twinkling: rapid start, steady ...
LED Panel Light
  • LED Panel Light

  • Model No.: Panel Lights Series
  • Product Description: Features: Soft lighting, energy saving and environmental protection. Light body and lamp ring are made of aluminum material with anodized surface. It is beautif...
LED Grid Light
  • LED Grid Light

  • Model No.: Grid Lamp Series
  • Product Description: Features: Brand new and high quality. Super bright and high power. Weatherproof and long life expectancy. Flush mounted, simple and convenient...
LED Bulb
  • LED Bulb

  • Model No.: LED Bulbs Series
  • Product Description: Features: Perfect replacement of incandescent bulb. Less heat sink part. Standard dimension. Excellent heat management. Superior high...
Outdoor LED Display
  • Outdoor LED Display

  • Model No.: Outdoor Series
  • Product Description: Features: LED module and LED cabinet can be designed by special requirements. Price: we have the best competitive high cost-effective price/ features. ...
Indoor LED Display
  • Indoor LED Display

  • Model No.: Indoor Series
  • Product Description: Features: Combining several global leading display board control technologies. Modularization, high resolution, high contrast design, and vivid dynamic display....
LED Street Lights
  • LED Street Lights

  • Model No.: 15 series
  • Product Description: Features: With high efficiency, energy saving, smart configuration and installation advantages. In line with the development trend of road lighting energy conse...
High Voltage Switch Gear
  • High Voltage Switch Gear

  • Model No.: 30
  • Product Description: Features: This switch cabinet is used to join and splice cables of main and distributing cables of the cable network, and can be installed overhead, on the floor, indoors or ou...
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