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Overlock Machine
  • Overlock Machine

  • Model No.: CW-38 (L)
  • Product Description: ● Large size shell stitch machine, suitable for light to heavy fabrics such as overcoats, blankets, wherever a shellstitch is appropriate. The number of stitches per shell is ...
  • Related Keywords: Binding Machine Overlock Machine 
High Speed Lockstitch Sewing Machine
Cloth Sewing Machine
  • Cloth Sewing Machine

  • Model No.: CW-457A-143N-L43P
  • Product Description: Collaretting Shell Pleating Zig Zag Machine Applications: ● The collaretting shell pleating machine & device are suitable for decorative stitching on the collar & sleeve of ...
  • Related Keywords: Clothes Sewing Machine Cloth Sewing Machine 
Industrial Zig Zag Machine
Lockstitch Machine
  • Lockstitch Machine

  • Model No.: CW-457A-105-L
  • Product Description: Flat Bed Lockstitch Zig Zag Machine Applications: ● Attaching laces, making shoulder straps and general Zig-Zag works. ● Attaching elastic trim or lace to leg or waist sec...
  • Related Keywords: Clothes Sewing Machine Lockstitch Machine 
Industrial Bag Closer
Portable Bag Closer
  • Portable Bag Closer

  • Model No.: F650
  • Product Description: Portable bag closer is the perfect solution for small volume (4-8 BPM) bagging applications that includes the agricultural, food, pet, animals and chemical sectors. The F-Seri...
  • Related Keywords: Bag Closing Machine Portable Bag Closer 
Sewing Machine Zig Zag
Bag Closer Sewing Machine
Bag Closer Machine
  • Bag Closer Machine

  • Model No.: F200
  • Product Description: Packaging and Bagging Machine, Automatic Cutting and Lubrication This handy packing and bagging machine provides the flexibility for packing and bag closing while gives you t...
  • Related Keywords: Bag Closing Machine Bag Closer Machine 
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