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Ceramic Inlays
  • Ceramic Inlays

  • Model No.: Dental Prosthodontics-4
  • Product Description: This is a technique using CAD/CAM technology to scan the defect area, producing a three-dimensional computerized image of the tooth and the cavity. This then becomes the model f...
  • Related Keywords: Dental Prosthodontics Ceramic Inlays 
Full Porcelain Crown
  • Full Porcelain Crown

  • Model No.: Dental Prosthodontics-3
  • Product Description: Full porcelain crown has better biocompatibility than traditional crown (metal fused to porcelain crown), exhibits similarity as natural teeth, and lasts longer with normal func...
  • Related Keywords: Dental Prosthodontics Full Porcelain Crown 
Temporary Dental Crown
  • Temporary Dental Crown

  • Model No.: Dental Prosthodontics-2
  • Product Description: Temporary crown is customized to protect residual tooth structure and prevent soft tissue growing into the space which has been reduced to accommodate a prosthetic crown. The ch...
  • Related Keywords: Dental Prosthodontics Temporary Dental Crown 
Dental Prosthetics
  • Dental Prosthetics

  • Model No.: Dental Prosthodontics-1
  • Product Description: A simple restoration will not be able to fix a severe decay tooth, periodontal disease, or tooth extraction is inevitable due to other reasons. The missing teeth need replacemen...
  • Related Keywords: Dental Prosthodontics Dental Prosthetics 
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