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Laser Periodontal Surgery
  • Laser Periodontal Surgery

  • Model No.: Dental Laser-7
  • Product Description: With years of clinical experiences, Dr. Pan has integrated laser as part of her practice and is extremely skillful and experienced. She is qualified as a speaker at many nationa...
  • Related Keywords: Dental Laser Laser Periodontal Surgery 
Laser Dental
  • Laser Dental

  • Model No.: Dental Laser-6
  • Product Description: During consultation with Dr. Pan at Magic Dental Clinic, most frequently asked by the patient regarding implantology is “what is water laser dental implant surgery?” The most s...
  • Related Keywords: Dental Laser Laser Dental 
Dental Laser Surgery
  • Dental Laser Surgery

  • Model No.: Dental Laser-5
  • Product Description: Minimally invasive dental implant is also known as the flapless dental implant surgery, meaning the flap with a large incision is no longer needed for bone exposure. A small inc...
  • Related Keywords: Dental Laser Dental Laser Surgery 
Laser Periodontal Therapy
  • Laser Periodontal Therapy

  • Model No.: Dental Laser-4
  • Product Description: Is there a cure for periodontitis? Will it always recur? Dr. Pan said “the right treatment for periodontal disease and thorough maintenance will stop it from recurrence.” The ch...
  • Related Keywords: Dental Laser Laser Periodontal Therapy 
Laser Periodontal Treatment
Dental Laser Treatment
  • Dental Laser Treatment

  • Model No.: Dental Laser-2
  • Product Description: Many patients have recurrence of periodontal disease after treatment. Patients suffer from periodontal disease usually have gum recession and the teeth seems elongated. To resto...
  • Related Keywords: Dental Laser Dental Laser Treatment 
Anti Aging Dentistry
  • Anti Aging Dentistry

  • Model No.: Dental Laser-1
  • Product Description: Anti-aging has been the trend for years and almost everyone is searching for the remedy to stay young and even longer life span. Anti-aging dentistry does exist in dentistry as ...
  • Related Keywords: Dental Laser Anti Aging Dentistry 
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