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Dental Implants Front Teeth
Immediate Dental Implant
  • Immediate Dental Implant

  • Model No.: Dental Implants-22
  • Product Description: A dental implant has been designed precisely using biocompatible material to create an object which resembles the shape root. It is then placed into the alveolar bone with a per...
  • Related Keywords: Dental Implants Immediate Dental Implant 
Missing Teeth
  • Missing Teeth

  • Model No.: Dental Implants-21
  • Product Description: Clinic chief officer Dr. Sara Pan has been interested in art ever since she was a little girl. Her exquisite taste for art helped to shape the perception she has today which is ...
  • Related Keywords: Dental Implants Missing Teeth 
Ceramic Dental Implants
  • Ceramic Dental Implants

  • Model No.: Dental Implants-20
  • Product Description: There is something you absolutely need to be aware of! Missing teeth plays a major role in your health. Clinic chief officer Dr. Sara Pan at Magic Dental Clinic would like to re...
  • Related Keywords: Dental Implants Ceramic Dental Implants 
Dental Implants Diabetes
  • Dental Implants Diabetes

  • Model No.: Dental Implants-19
  • Product Description: Dental implant for diabetic and hypertensive patient is a great concern for most of the dentists and referral to a specialist normally results after the consultation. This will ...
  • Related Keywords: Dental Implants Dental Implants Diabetes 
Immediate Dental Implants
Dental Benefits
  • Dental Benefits

  • Model No.: Dental Implants-17
  • Product Description: 1● It is a common method to sacrifice the adjacent tooth for fabrication of a prosthetic tooth at the missing area. Unlike traditional method, dental implant salvages the adjace...
  • Related Keywords: Dental Implants Dental Benefits 
Tooth Implants
  • Tooth Implants

  • Model No.: Dental Implants-16
  • Product Description: It is a scary thought to think about dental visits for majority of people. The clinic chief officer Dr. Sara Pan has always put herself in patient’s shoe. She understands the fe...
  • Related Keywords: Dental Implants Tooth Implants 
Dental Implants Procedure
Pain Free Dental
  • Pain Free Dental

  • Model No.: Dental Implants-14
  • Product Description: Implant technique has dramatically changed with continuous evolution of technology and innovation. The clinical chief officer Dr. Sara Pan of Magic dental clinic exemplifies ho...
  • Related Keywords: Dental Implants Pain Free Dental 
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