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Ice Bag Machine
  • Ice Bag Machine

  • Model No.: BS28-2/BS32-2/BS42-2/BS28-4/BS32-4/BS42-4/BS28-6/BS32-6/BS42-6
  • Product Description: * Bottom sealed type bag making machine for making ice bags * LLDPE film can be sealed by the machine * Maximum output can reach 720 pcs/min * Different sizes of bottom sea...
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Plastic Hole Punching Machine
Bottom Seal Bag Making Machinery
Cloth Carry Bag Making Machine
Food Bag Machine
  • Food Bag Machine

  • Model No.: SSV-28/SSV-32/SSV-42
  • Product Description: Bakery Bag Machine * Edge sealed type bag making machine for making bakery bag * PP, OPP, BOPP, PE bags can be processed by this machine * Different sizes of bakery bags ca...
  • Related Keywords: Plastic Bag Machines Food Bag Machine 
T-Shirt Bag Machine
  • T-Shirt Bag Machine

  • Model No.: VB-22/VB-28/VB-32/VB-42
  • Product Description: Suitable for making bottom sealing bags and T-shirt bags The T-shirt bag making machine that Polystar offered is very suitable for making T-shirt bag and bottom sealed bags. Th...
  • Related Keywords: Plastic Bag Machines T-Shirt Bag Machine 
Plastic Bag Manufacturing Machines
Shopping Bag Machine
  • Shopping Bag Machine

  • Model No.: VB-22/VB-28/VB-32/VB-42
  • Product Description: * Hot cutting to make sure the welding is strong enough * Maximum output can reach 400 pcs/mins * Easy operation * Stronger bottom welding * Recycled material, CaCO3 blend...
  • Related Keywords: Plastic Bag Machines Shopping Bag Machine 
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