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Film  Extrusion Machine
Plastic Film Extrusion Machine
Inflation Machine
  • Inflation Machine

  • Model No.: CE40-45/CE45-55/CE55-65
  • Product Description: Plastic Extruder Manufacturer Plastic extruder manufacturer, Polystar Machinery, offers customers various plastic extruders. Plastic extruder manufacturer offers monolayer ...
  • Related Keywords: Blown Film Extrusion Inflation Machine 
Plastic Extruder Machine
PE Film Extruder
  • PE Film Extruder

  • Model No.: HA45/HA55/HA65/HA80
  • Product Description: Raw material: HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE PE film extruder screw diameter: 45mm,55mm,65mm and 80mm PE film extruder can produce PE film for making shopping bags, T-shirt bags, commercia...
  • Related Keywords: Blown Film Extrusion PE Film Extruder 
Extruding Machine
  • Extruding Machine

  • Model No.: CE45/CE55/CE65/CE80
  • Product Description: Multi Layer Extruder Layers: 2-layer, 3-layer Multi Layer Extruder: AB, ABA, ABC Application for co-extrusion film machine: Industrial film, fruit cover, greenhouse film, f...
  • Related Keywords: Blown Film Extrusion Extruding Machine 
Film Extruder Machines
Film Blowing Extruder
  • Film Blowing Extruder

  • Model No.: HA45/HA55/HA65/HA80
  • Product Description: Film blowing extruder HA is a perfect equipment for producing monolayer LDPE and HDPE plastic film. The machine is well equipped with a grooved barrel for creating a stable and ...
  • Related Keywords: Blown Film Extrusion Film Blowing Extruder 
Blown Film  Extruder Machine
Blown Film Extrusion Line
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