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Led Down Light
  • Led Down Light

  • Model No.: DL10
  • Product Description: Alder 10" Down light operates at 120W with 14,400 lumens output, its light-weight, low energy consumption and excellent luminous performance features, provide a great solution f...
  • Related Keywords: Down Light Led Down Light 
Street Lamps
  • Street Lamps

  • Model No.: STLB200
  • Product Description: Minimized maintenance to replace traditional fluorescent and mercury vapor lamps. It's compatible with all lamp poles and can be easily installed, also with its innovative heat...
  • Related Keywords: Street Light Street Lamps 
Street Lighting
  • Street Lighting

  • Model No.: STLB120
  • Product Description: Optimum design for best performance and complying with most of the road specifications, this series of street light offers excellent visibility and thus maximum safety to road w...
  • Related Keywords: Street Light Street Lighting 
Led Street Lights
  • Led Street Lights

  • Model No.: STLE40
  • Product Description: Alder Street Light is designed to operate under harsh environments and provides a reliable public lighting solution. It generates up to 140 lm/w of system efficacy and the photo...
  • Related Keywords: Street Light Led Street Lights 
Led Street Light
  • Led Street Light

  • Model No.: STLE80
  • Product Description: Alder's Street Light is good for lighting up roadways, parking lots and public spaces and elegant beam shape. To comply with strict regulations and technical standards for str...
  • Related Keywords: Street Light Led Street Light 
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Company Name www.ledlightfixture.org
Country/Region Taiwan
City Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Address Pingzhen Dist., Taoyuan City 32458
Telephone +886-03-12344321
Fax +886-03-12344321
Contact Person