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Ceramic Frying Pan
  • Ceramic Frying Pan

  • Model No.: FP-521FC-04
  • Product Description: ‧It takes a very short time to heat up and thus save energy. It can also keep your food warm for a longer time.‧It is multifunctional and therefore can be used for frying, stewi...
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Ceramic Fry Pan
  • Ceramic Fry Pan

  • Model No.: FP-926FV-03
  • Product Description: ‧Superb heat up and cool down characteristic withstanding sudden change of temperature from 550C to 20 C; can be used directly on liquefied gas cooker, induction cooker and micr...
  • Related Keywords: Ceramic Cookware Ceramic Fry Pan 
Ceramic Coating Fry Pan
Ceramic Coated Pans
  • Ceramic Coated Pans

  • Model No.: BA-L08L-03
  • Product Description: Advantage:Good quality,Non-stick surface,prevents oil fumes.Fast heat transfer & uniform heatingSave energy,environmently-friendlyEasy to clean,dishwasher.Best choise for any ki...
  • Related Keywords: Ceramic Cookware Ceramic Coated Pans 
Ceramic Coated Pan
  • Ceramic Coated Pan

  • Model No.: BA-T12L_T13L_T14L-02
  • Product Description: Aluminum(food-grade: #3003)BaseInterior: Non-stick Creamic CoatingExterior: Heat-resistant PaintingHandle: BakeliteKnob:According to your requirementEar: According to your requi...
  • Related Keywords: Ceramic Cookware Ceramic Coated Pan 
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