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AZO Target
  • AZO Target

  • Model No.: ST26
  • Product Description: Si targetPrecious metal thin film materials manufactured with our sintering technology are highly regarded in the electronics industry, particularly in the semiconductor and mag...
  • Related Keywords: Target Bonding AZO Target Target
ITO Target
  • ITO Target

  • Model No.: ST25
  • Product Description: Sputtering TargetMaterial: Titanium(Ti), Tungsten(W), Molybdenum(Mo), Tantalum(Ta), Niobium(Nb), Silver(Ag), Silicon(Si), Aluminum(Al) Chromium(Cr), Oxide sputtering target, Car...
  • Related Keywords: Target Bonding ITO Target Target
Thin Film Sputter
  • Thin Film Sputter

  • Model No.: ST24
  • Product Description: Packing︰vacuumspecification︰high pure Magnesium metal, Magnesium oxide, Magnesium fluorideadvantage︰very competitory price and high quality with quickly delivery time and good s...
  • Related Keywords: Target Bonding Thin Film Sputter Target
Thin Film Sputtering
  • Thin Film Sputtering

  • Model No.: ST23
  • Product Description: Pt targetConcerning other impurities than Ta and oxygen in the sputtering target of the present invention, up to an approximate level of general-purpose high purity metal materi...
  • Related Keywords: Target Bonding Thin Film Sputtering Target
Ge Target
  • Ge Target

  • Model No.: ST22
  • Product Description: Os targetThe sputtering target of the present invention can be manufactured in the following ways for instance.Customization specificationSpecification:Purity: 99.99%Density: 22...
  • Related Keywords: Target Bonding Ge Target Target
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