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Sputter PVD
  • Sputter PVD

  • Model No.: ST31
  • Product Description: TiW targetWe provide comprehensive support for sputtering processes, including recovery and recycling of scrap and recovery of precious metals on parts.Specification:Customizati...
  • Related Keywords: PVD Target Sputter PVD Target
PVD Sputter
  • PVD Sputter

  • Model No.: ST30
  • Product Description: TiW targetThe alloy composition and added oxides have become more complicated than before because of increased hard disk capacity. With our technology, it is possible to manufac...
  • Related Keywords: PVD Target PVD Sputter Target
PVD Sputtering
  • PVD Sputtering

  • Model No.: ST29
  • Product Description: Customization specificationTargets with finely and uniformly distributed oxides have fewer particles which enables stable sputtering.Specification:Application: Film materialPuri...
  • Related Keywords: PVD Target PVD Sputtering Target
Target PVD
  • Target PVD

  • Model No.: ST28
  • Product Description: Customization specificationOur company manufactures extremely high-grade sputtering targets containing oxides for high-quality recording media by utilizing a unique manufacturin...
  • Related Keywords: PVD Target Target PVD Target
PVD Targets
  • PVD Targets

  • Model No.: ST27
  • Product Description: SiO2 targetAs a leading company of sputtering materials, our company will continue to meet or exceed our customer's expectations in the field of increasingly sophisticated thin ...
  • Related Keywords: PVD Target PVD Targets Target
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