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CIGS Targets
  • CIGS Targets

  • Model No.: ST21
  • Product Description: NiV targetA sputtering target of the present invention consists of high purity Nb. It is said that an amount of impurity element in the sputtering target is generally desirable ...
  • Related Keywords: Metal Sputter CIGS Targets Target
Copper Target
  • Copper Target

  • Model No.: ST20
  • Product Description: NiCr targetThe manufacture of silicide and alloy targets far more homogeneous and finer in structures than conventional products is now possible. In the case of silicide targets...
  • Related Keywords: Metal Sputter Copper Target Target
Target Sputter
  • Target Sputter

  • Model No.: ST19
  • Product Description: NiCr targetThe present invention relates to a technique of fabricating targets for sputtering use, and more specifically to a method of manufacturing sputtering targets characte...
  • Related Keywords: Metal Sputter Target Sputter Target
Metal Targets
  • Metal Targets

  • Model No.: ST18
  • Product Description: A method of manufacturing metal silicide targets or alloy targets for sputtering use comprises the steps of (a) mechanically alloying silicon and a metal to provide a metal sili...
  • Related Keywords: Metal Sputter Metal Targets Target
Metal Target
  • Metal Target

  • Model No.: ST17
  • Product Description: ApplicationBonding for various metal targets.Bonding for hard and crispy ceramic target.Bonding for target employed in large scale display.Specification:Purity: 99.995%Density: ...
  • Related Keywords: Metal Sputter Metal Target Sputtering Target
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