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Stainless Steel Knives
  • Stainless Steel Knives

  • Model No.: YIC7001/YIC7002/YIC7003
  • Product Description: Non stick coating kitchen knife8 inch chef knife6.5 inch utility knife4.5 inch paring knifeJapanese AUS stainless steelHRC53~54Food safe non- stick coating features with antibac...
  • Related Keywords: Stainless Steel Knife Stainless Steel Knives 
Skinning Knives Set
  • Skinning Knives Set

  • Model No.: SE-K Black razor series-2
  • Product Description: Japanese style kitchen knifeSE-K48RB Japanese chef knife 18cmSE-K48RBT Japanese chef knife 18cmSE-K49RB Japanese utility knife 20.5cmJapanese style kitchen knifeJapanese AUS sta...
  • Related Keywords: Skinning Knife Skinning Knives Set 
Knife Skinning
  • Knife Skinning

  • Model No.: SE-K Black razor series-1
  • Product Description: Japanese style kitchen knifeSE-K41RB Japanese Santoku knife 16cmSE-K41RBT Japanese Santoku knife 16cmSE-K44RB Japanese chef knife21cmSE-K46RB Japanese chef knife24cmSE-K45RB Jap...
  • Related Keywords: Skinning Knife Knife Skinning 
Skinning Knife Set
  • Skinning Knife Set

  • Model No.: SE-K Black razor series
  • Product Description: Japanese style kitchen knifeSE-K34-2RB 17cmSE-K34-3RB 18cmSE-K39RB 16cmSE-K39RBT 16cmSE-K40RB 11cmJapanese style kitchen knifeJapanese AUS stainless steelHRC56~58Non-stick anti ...
  • Related Keywords: Skinning Knife Skinning Knife Set 
Skinning Knives
  • Skinning Knives

  • Model No.: YIS series
  • Product Description: European style kitchen knifeYIS-8101 10cm paring knifeYIS-8104 9cm paring knifeYIS-8105 10cm butter knifeYIS-8103 9cm bird beak knifeYIS-8102 12cm tomato knifeEuropean style kit...
  • Related Keywords: Skinning Knife Skinning Knives 
Commercial Kitchen Knives
Professional Knife Sets
  • Professional Knife Sets

  • Model No.: YIP Yellow series
  • Product Description: Commercial grade kitchen knifeYIP-11303 15cm Boning knifeYIP-11304 17.5cm Chef knifeYIP-11305 17cm Japanese Santoku knifeYIP-11306 17cm Butcher knifeYIP-11307 20cm Carving knife...
  • Related Keywords: Professional Knife Professional Knife Sets 
Professional Kitchen Knife Set
Commercial Kitchen Knife
Professional Kitchen Knife Sets
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