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Single Spindle Paper Drill
  • Single Spindle Paper Drill

  • Model No.: LD-150TW
  • Product Description: With pitch bar for multiple hole drillingDrilling Capacity: 1-50mmDrill: Hollow DrillPlate Dimension: 550*250mmPower: 200WDrill Size: 2.5mm-9mmMargin:Adjustable 6 ~ 35mmPaper si...
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Multi Hole Punch
  • Multi Hole Punch

  • Model No.: RM-61
  • Product Description: Fits: Standard A4/30 rings, B5/26 rings, A5/20 ringsPunch Capacity: 12sheet at one time.Dimension: 37.5*25.5*11.7cmWeight: 6kgs.U shape lever for effortless punch..Sharp and har...
  • Related Keywords: Paper Puncher  
Custom Hole Punch
  • Custom Hole Punch

  • Model No.: RM-11
  • Product Description: Purpose:1.Punch Capacity: 12sheets at one time.2.Dimension: 37.5*25.5*11.7cm3.Weight : 5.8kgsDistinguishing:.U shape lever for effortless punch..Sharp and harden dies for precis...
  • Related Keywords: Paper Puncher  
Adjustable Hole Punch
  • Adjustable Hole Punch

  • Model No.: 1704
  • Product Description: Features: 1. MAC1704: 2-in-1 Hole Punch (2+4) (METAL STRUCTURE)2. Punch Capacity: 20 sheets 70 G/M paper at a time3. Pitch: 3.5mm or 6mm4. Machine Dimension: 270(w)*84(L)*100(H)...
  • Related Keywords: Paper Puncher  
Adjustable Hole Puncher
  • Adjustable Hole Puncher

  • Model No.: 1703
  • Product Description: Product NO: 2-in-1 Hole Punch(2+3)FEATURES: 1. The innovation of hole punch, have two option to choose. 2. EASY SWITCH just turn, no needs for tools or moves.3. Exclusive scrap ...
  • Related Keywords: Paper Puncher  
3 Hole Punch
  • 3 Hole Punch

  • Model No.: 9942
  • Product Description: 9942 Lever-Tech Heavy Duty 2-3 Hole PunchTough plastic handle cover with rubber pad.Handle lock for minimizing packaging.Adjustable die cast punch head.Metal precise paper guide...
  • Related Keywords: Paper Puncher  
Electric Hole Punches
  • Electric Hole Punches

  • Model No.: 9591
  • Product Description: Fashion & compact design with touch-button control for precise and clean cuts. 9591 Electric 2-3 Hole Adjustable PunchSmart punch technology for 2 to 3 holes 30 sheets capacity ...
  • Related Keywords: Paper Puncher  
Heavy Duty Hole Punches
  • Heavy Duty Hole Punches

  • Model No.: 9556
  • Product Description: * Modish desigh with lightweight and plastic base* Lever technique mechanism for easy and light punching Performance.* Max.capacity up to 200sheets by 6mm (dia.) hollow pins (cu...
  • Related Keywords: Paper Puncher  
Electric Hole Punch
  • Electric Hole Punch

  • Model No.: 9402
  • Product Description: Both adaptor plug and battery operated for punching up to 12 sheets. 9402 Personal Electric 2-Hole Punch Compact design for 12 sheets capacity with ease.Use both adapter plug 22...
  • Related Keywords: Paper Puncher  
Electric Two Hole Punch
  • Electric Two Hole Punch

  • Model No.: 95B7(110 Voltage) 95B0(220 Voltage)
  • Product Description: Drill Capacity 1~50mm Drill: Drill: HollowHole diameter: 6mmInterval between two holes: 80mm(70mm available)Safety Guard: On front of tableMax. Spindle Speed RPM: 1400RPMMargin:...
  • Related Keywords: Paper Puncher  
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