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Sprayer Jets
  • Sprayer Jets

  • Model No.: Frame Spray Jet
  • Product Description: Frame Spray Jet Frame Spray Jet 0.04" Orifice, 16 Stream – Quick Thread with #10-32 Thread base Suitable for orchards, vineyards, and horticultural crops. ...
  • Related Keywords: Micro Sprayer Sprayer Jets 
Drip Sprayers
  • Drip Sprayers

  • Model No.: DJ-05
  • Product Description: Down-spray Jet Down-spray Jet 0.05" Orifice – with #10-32 Thread base Minimize the impact from wind. The Down-spray Jet gives an even watering distri...
  • Related Keywords: Micro Sprayer Drip Sprayers 
Micro Sprayer Caps
  • Micro Sprayer Caps

  • Model No.: GJC-M
  • Product Description: Global Jet Caps – Misting Spray Jet Caps with Misting Spray Caps could be assembled with Jets (GJB) or Adjustable Jets (VAJT) The Misting Spray is ...
  • Related Keywords: Micro Sprayer Micro Sprayer Caps 
Micro Spray Jet Base
  • Micro Spray Jet Base

  • Model No.: GJB-05
  • Product Description: Jet Bases - #10-32 Thread Jet Bases for micro spray jet- with #10-32 Thread base Counter part of Jet Cap (GJC) Code for different Orifice size and...
  • Related Keywords: Micro Sprayer Micro Spray Jet Base 
Micro Spray Jet
  • Micro Spray Jet

  • Model No.: GJ-05-90
  • Product Description: Spray Jets - 0.05" Orifice with 90 Fan Spray Pre-assembled from Jets (GJB) and spray pattern cap (GJC) The pre-assembled Spray Jets produce fan-like 90-degre...
  • Related Keywords: Micro Sprayer Micro Spray Jet 
Adjustable Jet
  • Adjustable Jet

  • Model No.: AJT-06H
  • Product Description: Adjustable Jet 180 degree- with #10-32 Thread base Adjustable Jet 180-degree spray pattern, with #10-32 Thread base. A build in flow control valve allows comp...
  • Related Keywords: Micro Sprayer Adjustable Jet 
Micro Spray Jets
  • Micro Spray Jets

  • Model No.: SJ-04-180-FLAT
  • Product Description: Flat One-Piece Spray Jets - 0.09" Orifice One-Piece Spray Jet with 0 Degree Trajectory The standard #10-32 thread base can be installed to any rigid riser, st...
  • Related Keywords: Micro Sprayer Micro Spray Jets 
Spray Jets
  • Spray Jets

  • Model No.: SJ-04-180
  • Product Description: One-Piece Spray Jets Half-Circle with 0.04" Orifice One-Piece Spray Jet with 18 Degree Trajectory for Commercial and home garden use in a Low-Pressure Application ...
  • Related Keywords: Micro Sprayer Spray Jets 
Spray Stakes
  • Spray Stakes

  • Model No.: SS18-160H-BLK
  • Product Description: Stake Sprayers For 1/8" Poly Tubing 5" Stake Sprayers For 1/8" (.125" ID x .187 OD) Poly Tubing Commonly used on nursery tree boxes. Simply push down...
  • Related Keywords: Micro Sprayer Spray Stakes 
Drip Irrigation Sprayer
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