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Sprinkler Riser Extender
Poly Nipple
  • Poly Nipple

  • Model No.: NPP05-Close
  • Product Description: Poly Nipples 1/2" NPT x Close Poly Nipple (Risers) - Thread End Male x Male to connect to 1/2" female pipe adapters. Commonly used for permanent sprinkler and s...
  • Related Keywords: Irrigation Risers Poly Nipple 
Swing Joint Assembly
  • Swing Joint Assembly

  • Model No.: SWJ-45-06-55
  • Product Description: Swing Joint Assemblies Pre-assembled Swing Joints 6", 4 Elbows, 3/4" MPT x 3/4" MPT Available Length in 6", 12" or 18" and with 3 or 4 Elbows configurations. ...
  • Related Keywords: Irrigation Risers Swing Joint Assembly 
Drip Irrigation Riser
Rigid Riser
  • Rigid Riser

  • Model No.: RRAT-12
  • Product Description: Rigid Risers Assembled with Adapters 12 Inch Rigid Riser with #10-32 Thread Adapter. Pre-assembled for immediate installation. This Rigid Riser with ...
  • Related Keywords: Irrigation Risers Rigid Riser 
Rigid Riser Adapter
  • Rigid Riser Adapter

  • Model No.: RRAT
  • Product Description: Fittings for Rigid Riser Rigid Riser fittings with #10-32 Thread Adapter on Both Ends (If not, it should be "with #10-32 on one end and quick thread on the other end)....
  • Related Keywords: Irrigation Risers Rigid Riser Adapter 
Rigid Risers
  • Rigid Risers

  • Model No.: RR8
  • Product Description: 8 INCH Rigid Riser Available in 4 lengths (as shown above): √ 6 INCH (our part no. RR6) √ 8 INCH (our part no. RR8) √ 12 INCH (our part no. RR12) √ 18 IN...
  • Related Keywords: Irrigation Risers Rigid Risers 
Drip Riser
  • Drip Riser

  • Model No.: RRAA-12
  • Product Description: Rigid Risers Assembled with 1/2” MPT Adapter 12 inch Rigid Riser with 1/2" Male Pipe Thread Adapter Pre-assembled for immediate installation Can be u...
  • Related Keywords: Irrigation Risers Drip Riser 
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