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Flag Emitter
  • Flag Emitter

  • Model No.: 603-16
  • Product Description: Flag Emitter (aka Take-apart Emitter) with 1/4" barb inlet and 1/4" barb outlet. Works very well with low-pressure gravity system. The Barbed Inlet coul...
  • Related Keywords: Irrigation Drippers Flag Emitter 
Irrigation Bubbler
  • Irrigation Bubbler

  • Model No.: AS-FB6
  • Product Description: Adjustable Mini Flood Bubbler on a 6" stake Adjustable Mini Flood Bubbler on a 6" stake, with a Barbed Inlet. Our new Mini Flood Bubbler provides a gentle umb...
  • Related Keywords: Irrigation Drippers Irrigation Bubbler 
Irrigation Bubblers
  • Irrigation Bubblers

  • Model No.: AS-MB6
  • Product Description: Adjustable Stream Flow 360 Degree Mini-Bubblers on a 6" Stake Adjustable Multi-Stream Bubbler on 6" Stake, Barbed Inlet. Finger-tip flow control with fully shut...
  • Related Keywords: Irrigation Drippers Irrigation Bubblers 
Adjustable Drippers
  • Adjustable Drippers

  • Model No.: ASE-4
  • Product Description: Adjustable drippers. Water output can be adjusted by a turn of the cap (shown as above photos). Barbed for installing into 1/4" tubing or on the side of 1/2" Pol...
  • Related Keywords: Irrigation Drippers Adjustable Drippers 
Button Dripper
  • Button Dripper

  • Model No.: BE-4
  • Product Description: Economical Button Emitter with a Barbed Inlet at 4 LPH (1 GPH) Flow Rate 1/4 Barbed inlet is to be attached to the end of ¼" distribution tubing or directly into 1/2" or ¾"...
  • Related Keywords: Irrigation Drippers Button Dripper 
Pressure Compensating Emitters
Irrigation Emitters
Inline Emitters
  • Inline Emitters

  • Model No.: 605-02
  • Product Description: In-line Flag Emitter Serviceable In-line Flag Emitter for 1/4" tubing. Good for fruit orchards or unevenly spaced plants or large plants requiring multiple dr...
  • Related Keywords: Irrigation Drippers Inline Emitters 
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