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Wrist Brace
  • Wrist Brace

  • Model No.: PYHC23
  • Product Description: Far-infrared-Ray Knipping Wrist BraceMore details please contact with us...
  • Related Keywords: Health Brace Wrist Brace 
Car Seat Cover
  • Car Seat Cover

  • Model No.: PYHC22
  • Product Description: Far-infrared-Ray Electric Seat Cover for carSpecification:24 chips of 2 cm diameterFunction:Reduces long-distance drive wearliness and increase the speed of blood flow.Usage:1. ...
  • Related Keywords: Health Brace Car Seat Cover 
Seat Cover
  • Seat Cover

  • Model No.: PYHC21
  • Product Description: Far-infrared-Ray Seat CoverSpecification:16 chips of 2 cm diameterUsage:1. Tie up theSeat Cove to the most comfortable position and adjust the chair back to the right angle.2. D...
  • Related Keywords: Health Brace Seat Cover 
Far Infrared Comforter
Electric Mattress
  • Electric Mattress

  • Model No.: PYHC16
  • Product Description: Far-infrared-Ray Electric Mattress (heat by DC)Specification:90*180cm (twin size) (60 chips of 3 cm diameter)Function:Activate Chi and conserve bodily health.Usage:1. Put this a...
  • Related Keywords: Health Brace Electric Mattress 
Far Infrared Mattress
  • Far Infrared Mattress

  • Model No.: PYHC15
  • Product Description: Far-infrared-Ray MattressSpecification:90*180 cm (twin size) (60 chips of 3 cm diameter)Function:Activate Chi and conserve bodily health.Usage:1. Put this appliance directly on ...
  • Related Keywords: Health Brace Far Infrared Mattress 
Electric Facial Mask
  • Electric Facial Mask

  • Model No.: PYHC11
  • Product Description: Far-infrared-Ray Electric Facial MaskFunction:Activate the face skin, smooth out wrinkles, light speckles as well as taking care of the gums.Usage:1. Cleansing the face first; t...
  • Related Keywords: Health Brace Electric Facial Mask 
Eye Mask
  • Eye Mask

  • Model No.: PYHC08
  • Product Description: Far-infrared-Ray Eye MaskSpecification:4 chips of 3 cm diameterFunction:Eye & Nose careUsage:1. Cleanse the face first; then apply the basic lotions.2. Remove contact lenses bef...
  • Related Keywords: Health Brace Eye Mask 
Elbow Brace
  • Elbow Brace

  • Model No.: PYHC06
  • Product Description: Far-infrared-Ray Knipping Elbow BraceSpecification:one pairFunctions:1.Anatomic fit.2.Exact compression and comfort.3.Helps to relieve pain.
  • Related Keywords: Health Brace Elbow Brace 
Cuddle Roll
  • Cuddle Roll

  • Model No.: PYHC14
  • Product Description: Far-infrared-Ray Electric Cuddle roll for multifunctional application (heat by electricity)Function:Local strengthening and conserving of bodily health.Usage:1. Place the pad wh...
  • Related Keywords: Health Brace Cuddle Roll 
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