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RC Helicopter Parts
RC Boat Parts
  • RC Boat Parts

  • Model No.: L05311
  • Product Description: Material: copper-plated steel Color: yellow Size: Length: 378mm Diameter: 6mm Weight: 70g Quantity: 1pcs
  • Related Keywords: RC Boat Parts   
RC Car Parts
RC Car Parts
RC Car Parts
Crystal Set
Blue LiPo Balance Charger
  • Blue LiPo Balance Charger

  • Model No.: TEB6GB
  • Product Description: Lithium battery cell cont: 1-6 seriesPb battery voltage: 2V-20VSpecial Features:* Optimised operating software:When charging or discharging, charger has an "Auto" function that ...
  • Related Keywords: Blue LiPo Balance Charger   
Radio Control System with LCD
  • Radio Control System with LCD

  • Model No.: TE3PF
  • Product Description: Features: 3-channel FM Digital Proportional R/C System LCD Display w/ Blue Backlit(Auto on/off) Exchangeable Module Box Advanced Braking System(ABS) End Poing Adjustment(EPA Ste...
  • Related Keywords: Radio Control System with LCD   
Water-cooled Speed Controller
  • Water-cooled Speed Controller

  • Model No.: SC090B
  • Product Description: Parameters:Constant current: 90ABurst current(10s):180ABEC mode: switchBEC output: 6V/3ABatteries: Li-Po 2-6 cells/ 6-18 cells Ni-MHWater Cooling Pipe: Ø5mmSize: 94*33*18mmN.W.: ...
  • Related Keywords: Water-cooled Speed Controller   
LiPo Battery
  • LiPo Battery

  • Model No.: LP2225
  • Product Description: Li-Poly Rechargeable Battery - 11.1V 2200mAh 25CSafety InstructionPlease observe the requirement belowThe maximum continuing discharge current≤nominal multiplying powerhe highes...
  • Related Keywords: LiPo Battery   
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