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Current Leakage Tester
Ignition Cable
  • Ignition Cable

  • Model No.: VAT-180
  • Product Description: Ignition Extension Do you feel something wrong with ignition or doubt the coil get some problems? The Ignition Extension will be the ideal and perfect to coil-pack diagnostic ...
  • Related Keywords: Electrical Wire Tester Ignition Cable 
Automotive Test Probes
Portable Stroboscope
Ignition Spark Tester
  • Ignition Spark Tester

  • Model No.: VAT-303
  • Product Description: It's always a problem to know the ability or quality of the ignition coil. We design this spark tester to send the simulated ignition signal to the ignition coil then observe s...
  • Related Keywords: Ignition Tester Ignition Spark Tester 
Automotive Current Tester
Ignition Coil Wire
  • Ignition Coil Wire

  • Model No.: VAT-500
  • Product Description: Ignition Expert As we know, all petrol engines' ignition system comprises of a single ignition coil, high tension cables for older vehicles or newer types: Coil on Plug (COP), ...
  • Related Keywords: Ignition Tester Ignition Coil Wire 
Ignition Cables
  • Ignition Cables

  • Model No.: VAT-180
  • Product Description: Ignition Extension The technician can then test for HV ignition leakage from the coil or coil insulation boot, which may produce an engine miss or hesitation. The Ignition ex...
  • Related Keywords: Ignition Tester Ignition Cables 
Current Leakage Detector
Car Current Tester
  • Car Current Tester

  • Model No.: VAT-503
  • Product Description: Current leakage catcher It's always trouble to check the leakage. This kit provides a safe and quick way to detect the leakage or consumption of the electricity on the car. A...
  • Related Keywords: Car Circuit Tester Car Current Tester 
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