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High Mountain Oolong
  • High Mountain Oolong

  • Model No.: HMOT4
  • Product Description: We are the Taiwan Tea Exporters. Product of Taiwan. Have a perfect packaging We have own tea garden. It is 100% Taiwan Alishan high mountain tea. We promise: No add import te...
  • Related Keywords: Taiwan Tea High Mountain Oolong 
Alishan Tea
  • Alishan Tea

  • Model No.: HMOT3
  • Product Description: Golden green color and can be infused many times. Drink up and smooth. It is sweet, fragrant taste. It is extremely refreshing and palate cleansing. In the heart of the feeling...
  • Related Keywords: Taiwan Tea Alishan Tea 
Food Packaging Company
  • Food Packaging Company

  • Model No.: HMOT2
  • Product Description: We provides many kind of bulk package or package according to customer's requirements. Our Taiwan Alishan tea leaves come from our own tea garden, it’s 100% high mountain tea. ...
  • Related Keywords: Taiwan Tea Food Packaging Company 
Taiwan Oolong Tea
  • Taiwan Oolong Tea

  • Model No.: HMOT1
  • Product Description: Let the best-performing suppliers –we -know what you’re looking for? Taiwan’s premium oolong tea, Jinxuan and black tea starting from the cultivation, harvest, production and r...
  • Related Keywords: Taiwan Tea Taiwan Oolong Tea 
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