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Squid Rings
  • Squid Rings

  • Model No.: 8-4
  • Product Description: Size: 4 X 4 Cm, at request Packing: IQF. Bag pack. Bulk pack Origin: Taiwan The tentacles, wings and mantle (body) are all edible. There is a thin, soft skin covering the bod...
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Squid Tentacles
  • Squid Tentacles

  • Model No.: 8-3
  • Product Description: Size: 120 (gms/pc) Packing: IQF, Block Origin: Taiwan Squid has excellent shelf life if handled with reasonable care. It is little affected by freezing, and the texture is un...
  • Related Keywords: Illex Squid Squid Tentacles 
Squid Tubes
  • Squid Tubes

  • Model No.: 8-2
  • Product Description: Size: U/5, U/6, U/10 (pcs/kg) Packing: Shatter pack, IQF, Bulk pack Origin: Taiwan Illex Squid is processed into tubes, rings and strips. Steaks, circular pieces cut from t...
  • Related Keywords: Illex Squid Squid Tubes 
Whole Squid
  • Whole Squid

  • Model No.: 8-1
  • Product Description: Illex Squid whole round Latin Name: Illex Argentinus Size: 200/300, 300/400, 400/600, 600UP (gms/pc) Packing: Block Origin: Taiwan Fresh or thawed, raw squid should be mo...
  • Related Keywords: Illex Squid Whole Squid 
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