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Mobile Phone Security Key
Phone Security Cable
  • Phone Security Cable

  • Model No.: FSS101
  • Product Description: For personal use, when the computer is logged in, use the phone as an input tool. You can enter the account password by this product that will not stress was hacked. Using enc...
  • Related Keywords: Data Security Phone Security Cable 
USB Keyboard Adaptor
  • USB Keyboard Adaptor

  • Model No.: FSS301
  • Product Description: Cloud Security Adaptor is use in personal computers, are keyboard-specific. It is very easy to use, and it can be directly connected to do the keyboard operation. You can ente...
  • Related Keywords: Data Security USB Keyboard Adaptor 
  • iOS USB

  • Model No.: FSA005
  • Product Description: iSafeFile is the faster file protector for iOS. Specially, we have encryption chip AES 128bit encryption engine, and have NIST-CAVP obtained certification. It can use APP to p...
  • Related Keywords: Data Security iOS USB 
USB Encryption
  • USB Encryption

  • Model No.: FSS401
  • Product Description: This is the product for Android system. You can protect your data on the communication device by using Android File Protector. Opro9 has the technology about 256bit AES and Ce...
  • Related Keywords: Data Security USB Encryption 
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