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Mobile Security Key
  • Mobile Security Key

  • Model No.: FSS201
  • Product Description: Features: Cloud Security Key can encrypt the access of ID number and password when users surf the internet through using the mobile phone. It can automatically save yo...
  • Related Keywords: Computer Security Mobile Security Key 
Security Cable
  • Security Cable

  • Model No.: FSS101
  • Product Description: Features: The most important function is to protect any access of web ID number and password when users surf the internet, such as online shopping or games. C...
  • Related Keywords: Computer Security Security Cable 
USB Adaptors
  • USB Adaptors

  • Model No.: FSS301
  • Product Description: Features: Cloud Security Adaptor connects with keyboard in our PC, which can protect the significant data if the ID NO. and password is written to. It is effi...
  • Related Keywords: Computer Security USB Adaptors 
  • Dongles

  • Model No.: FSA005
  • Product Description: Features: The world’s first high speed dongle for iOS Devices and read/write speed reach 7MB/s~8MB/s. iOS devices not only lock up the private documents and ...
  • Related Keywords: Computer Security Dongles 
File Protector
  • File Protector

  • Model No.: FSS401
  • Product Description: In terms of Android file The crucial feature is to encrypt the mobile phone’s files and photos and it can become a memory card as a storage if the smartphone does not have enoug...
  • Related Keywords: Computer Security File Protector 
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