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Pack Strapping
  • Pack Strapping

  • Model No.: PETSP4
  • Product Description: Specification In big factory, they use PET strap on big and auto packing machine to increase efficiency and save labor cost. The request for auto strapping machine use PET st...
  • Related Keywords: PET Strap Pack Strapping 
PET Strapping Tape
  • PET Strapping Tape

  • Model No.: PETSP3
  • Product Description: Specification Pneumatic strapping tool is used widely because of high tension force and low cost. Especially it can use width 19mm and 25mm big size PET strap and remedy the di...
  • Related Keywords: PET Strap PET Strapping Tape 
Poly Strapping Tape
  • Poly Strapping Tape

  • Model No.: PETSP2
  • Product Description: Specification The main brands of battery powered strapping tool in the market are ORGAPACK, FROMM, TRANSPACK etc. Battery powered strapping tool usually use PET strap width ra...
  • Related Keywords: PET Strap Poly Strapping Tape 
PET Strapping Band
  • PET Strapping Band

  • Model No.: PETSP1
  • Product Description: Specification PET strap was used on manual strapping tool originally. The manual strapping tool here means tensioner and sealer. There is also a kind of strapping tool which co...
  • Related Keywords: PET Strap PET Strapping Band 
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