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LED Poster Lights
  • LED Poster Lights

  • Model No.: LYPF-18W-12360W0-36
  • Product Description: Snap frame aluminum light boxes are a low profile (17mm), illuminated box designed for poster display in retail shops, real estate agencies, bars and nightclubs....
  • Related Keywords: LED Light Box LED Poster Lights 
LED Light Poster
  • LED Light Poster

  • Model No.: 063-B200100V0-65
  • Product Description: Size: 2000x1000mm 1. It is easy to replace contains by the front side snap. 2. Better brightness and energy-saving up to 50% by its low power consumption design....
  • Related Keywords: LED Light Box LED Light Poster 
Frame LED
  • Frame LED

  • Model No.: 063-B20050V0-65
  • Product Description: Size: 2000x500mm 1. Bright: LCD edge-lit light guide panel technique, higher brightness, stronger integrity, high uniformity and stereoscopic. 2. Save Electricity: App...
  • Related Keywords: LED Light Box Frame LED 
LED Light Box Display
  • LED Light Box Display

  • Model No.: LYPF-246-4561W1-36
  • Product Description: This light box(450x610x17mm) is made by durable material such as aluminum frame and anti-corrosion rust. It can avoid damage or scratching people due to a well-d...
  • Related Keywords: LED Light Box LED Light Box Display 
LED Snap Frame
  • LED Snap Frame

  • Model No.: LYPF-210-6161W2-36
  • Product Description: LED Black / Silver Snap Frame Light Box (610x610x17mm) Since the environment protection issue is more and more important at present, this Back Snap Frame Light Bo...
  • Related Keywords: LED Light Box LED Snap Frame 
LED Poster Frame
  • LED Poster Frame

  • Model No.: LYSE-6191W0-46
  • Product Description: Size: 610x910x17mm You can say goodbye to the traditional heavy-weight, thick and high power consumption fluorescent light box lamp now. The new LED ultra-thin co...
  • Related Keywords: LED Light Box LED Poster Frame 
LED Box Light
  • LED Box Light

  • Model No.: LYLE-180100W0-46
  • Product Description: Size: 1000x1800x23mm The light box fits for various places such as mall, theater, exhibition hall, subway and commercial retail…etc. We offer many kinds in size and col...
  • Related Keywords: LED Light Box LED Box Light 
LED Frame Light
  • LED Frame Light

  • Model No.: LYLE-240120W0-46
  • Product Description: LED Silver Snap Frame Light Box (1200x2400x23mm) 1. Strong & Light Weighted Design: Aluminum frame, light, fast installation and easy hanging. 2. Simple & Slim...
  • Related Keywords: LED Light Box LED Frame Light 
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