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LED Downlight Fixtures
  • LED Downlight Fixtures

  • Model No.: LYHG-24W-D300W2-F6
  • Product Description: Features and Functions -Beautiful appearance and comfortable light. -Excellent energy-saving: Save to 40% than fluorescent lamp, 80% than incandescent province. -Ey...
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LED Lights Downlights
  • LED Lights Downlights

  • Model No.: LYHG-18W-D225W2-F6
  • Product Description: LED down lights are the new type of energy-saving lights. They are an alternative ideal options for traditional grid lights and ceiling lights. We use high-performance...
  • Related Keywords: LED Down Light LED Lights Downlights 
LED Down Lighters
  • LED Down Lighters

  • Model No.: LYHG-15W-D195W2-F6
  • Product Description: Lighting is the indispensable supply in multiple occasions. LED down light is a new energy saving lighting. It completely replace the traditional by its benefits of lo...
  • Related Keywords: LED Down Light LED Down Lighters 
Down Light LED
  • Down Light LED

  • Model No.: LYHG-12W-D170W2-F6
  • Product Description: LED downlights flat backlight technology is a new design and manufacture of energy saving lamps. It completely replace the traditional lighting with advantages of colo...
  • Related Keywords: LED Down Light Down Light LED 
LED Down Lighting
  • LED Down Lighting

  • Model No.: LYHG-9W-D145W2-F6
  • Product Description: The biggest feature of LED down light is the use of lighting to improve treatment (no UV, no radiation). Lighting angle meets the maximized and the energy saving is ex...
  • Related Keywords: LED Down Light LED Down Lighting 
LED Downlights
  • LED Downlights

  • Model No.: LYHG-6W-D120W2-F6
  • Product Description: Our lighting design using a combination of the most advanced wafer 3014LED, light guide plate and diffusion plate. The overall functions and advantages with low energy...
  • Related Keywords: LED Down Light LED Downlights 
Downlight LED
  • Downlight LED

  • Model No.: LYHG-4W-D110W1-F6
  • Product Description: Slim design LED downlights have the characteristics of environmental protection and clean lighting. Using side-emitting light guide design and the thickness is only 20...
  • Related Keywords: LED Down Light Downlight LED 
Downlights LED
  • Downlights LED

  • Model No.: LYHG-3W-D090W1-F6
  • Product Description: LED Downlights are some of the latest developments recessed lighting technology. Light source products has come to dominate the lighting market. LED downlight has many...
  • Related Keywords: LED Down Light Downlights LED 
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