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LED Lettering
  • LED Lettering

  • Model No.: LYB-ALPHABET-CSxxx
  • Product Description: We design exclusive brand light box according to customers’ various demands and our professional optical R & D team can provide the best solution for our custome...
  • Related Keywords: LED Ceiling Panels LED Lettering 
LED Honeycomb
  • LED Honeycomb

  • Model No.: LY-JG-565-xxx
  • Product Description: This is a composite applications lightbox. It may demand changes in different situations in accordance with environmental modeling. Hive boxes is available for u...
  • Related Keywords: LED Ceiling Panels LED Honeycomb 
Custom LED Light Box
  • Custom LED Light Box

  • Model No.: Y-MRxx-CS004xx
  • Product Description: xSurround is originally designed to create a whole new indoor environment for customers. Many patients in the hospitals are not able to move or walk out of the b...
  • Related Keywords: LED Ceiling Panels Custom LED Light Box 
LED Ceiling Tiles
  • LED Ceiling Tiles

  • Model No.: Y-MRxx-CS003xx
  • Product Description: - Ultra slim design: Light, easy and stylish. - High conformity: Light guide panel light source provides perfect uniformity to avoid the hot spots. - High effi...
  • Related Keywords: LED Ceiling Panels LED Ceiling Tiles 
LED Hive
  • LED Hive

  • Model No.: Y-MRxx-CS002xx
  • Product Description: - Unique splicing technique provides the perfect visual effects. - No bright line when splicing, display the best light effects with half of the sizes than trad...
  • Related Keywords: LED Ceiling Panels LED Hive 
  • LED Sky

  • Model No.: LY-MRxx-CS001xx
  • Product Description: Open another window of mood on ceilings. No Remodeling required, easy mounted design fix Mood Roof on wall or ceiling with 1cm slim thickness, choose your own li...
  • Related Keywords: LED Ceiling Panels LED Sky 
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