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Other Fasteners
  • Other Fasteners

  • Model No.: screw parts_9
  • Product Description: Features: Locking fasteners are typically nuts that lock onto the threads of a bolt when tightened and prevent loosening. Often the nuts utilize a special thread that grips ont...
  • Related Keywords: Screw Parts Other Fasteners 
Special Screws
  • Special Screws

  • Model No.: screw parts_8
  • Product Description: Features: Special Screws, used for machine assembling. 1. Material: according to you need 2. Color: according to you need 3. Samples are provided 4. High quality and compe...
  • Related Keywords: Screw Parts Special Screws 
Spring Loaded Plunger
  • Spring Loaded Plunger

  • Model No.: screw parts_7
  • Product Description: Features: Spring plungers, also known as spring loaded devices (SLDs), are devices that enclose a spring within a threaded capsule. Tool engineers often place spring plungers i...
  • Related Keywords: Screw Parts Spring Loaded Plunger 
Hexagon Keys
  • Hexagon Keys

  • Model No.: screw parts_6
  • Product Description: Features: The Allen key is an everyday tool that goes by many names. Commonly known as a hex key, Allen wrench, zeta key, or hex head, it is a six-sided tool used as a driver f...
  • Related Keywords: Screw Parts Hexagon Keys 
Metric Pipe Plugs
  • Metric Pipe Plugs

  • Model No.: screw parts_5
  • Product Description: Features: Threaded pipe fittings for use in installations for the delivery of air, gases or fluids under pressure have a threaded section that is slightly conical (in contrast ...
  • Related Keywords: Screw Parts Metric Pipe Plugs 
Hexagon Socket Head Shoulder Screws
Aluminum Screw
  • Aluminum Screw

  • Model No.: screw parts_3
  • Product Description: Features: Aluminum Alloy Screws, light material antioxidant after surface treatment. 1. Material: Aluminum Alloy 2. Color: according to you need 3. Samples are provided 4. ...
  • Related Keywords: Screw Parts Aluminum Screw 
Socket Head Screws
  • Socket Head Screws

  • Model No.: screw parts_2
  • Product Description: Features: Hexlobular Socket Screws, usually to use in high-tech or aircraft industry. Torx screws are commonly found on automobiles, motorcycles, bicycle brake systems (disc b...
  • Related Keywords: Screw Parts Socket Head Screws 
Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screw
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