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Rack-Mount Splitter
  • Rack-Mount Splitter

  • Model No.: NLSP-8 & NLSP-42
  • Product Description: 1. Bandwidth 50-860Mhz.2. High Isolation 20 dB.3. Insertion Loss 0dB feature.4. A good helper on splitting signal into 8-Way independent signal without signal loss. One Input am...
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Rack Mount Amplifiers
  • Rack Mount Amplifiers

  • Model No.: MXA - 8
  • Product Description: 1. Bandwidth 46-860Mhz. 2. High Isolation. INPUT to INPUT isolation 20dB.3. Insertion Loss 0dB feature.4. Combine 8 ways output into 4-Way mixer then amplify video.5. Standard 1...
  • Related Keywords: Rack Mount Amplifer  
Rack Mounted Amplifier
  • Rack Mounted Amplifier

  • Model No.: RKA-2000
  • Product Description: Suit for CATV / MATVDual Power Double IC.Low Distortion, Low Noise, Maximum Reliability.Build-in Adjustable ATT / EQ.Could be operated as 2 Sets of Amplifier.Could Do Series Con...
  • Related Keywords: Rack Mount Amplifer  
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