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Trunk Amplifier
  • Trunk Amplifier

  • Model No.: KW-8730-38
  • Product Description: 1. Two-Way, 870MHz, Gain 38dB.2. 2pcs NXP original IC, High Power, Stable Performance.3. Switching Power Design.4. Return Amplifier Module for option.5. AC Power supply insert w...
  • Related Keywords: Outdoor Amplifier  
CATV Trunk Amplifier
  • CATV Trunk Amplifier

  • Model No.: EH- 28730 / EH- 28742
  • Product Description: Two-Way, 2 Original NXP IC, Stable Performance.Gain: front stage fix type, interstag option: manual or auto adjustable.Slope: front stage plug in fix type, interstage plug-in pl...
  • Related Keywords: Outdoor Amplifier  
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