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Ground Mount Solar System

Ground Mount Solar System

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Subject Ground Mount Solar System
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Solar Power Systems for Ground Use solar Energy to earn money
Googol company's Solar Power Systems for Ground help you use Solar Energy to earn money. Our Solar Power System contains high efficiency solar panels, inverters, mounting racks, etc.
Power generation of Googol company's Solar Panel Systems is 11% higher than the average.
We guarantee our Solar Electricity systems are the most valuable Solar Power Systems.
The ground solar power system needs to be more than 2 hectares in area, and agricultural land or hillside land must be changed to special purpose business land first, and a rebate fee must be paid before it can be implemented. It takes at least one year to change the land, and a certain fee is required for the change plan and related changes.
The ground solar power system currently uses PC piles driven into the soil to replace the cement base to reduce costs. The depth of the PC piles can be adjusted according to the soil quality. The H-shaped steel is connected to the PC piles to form a column. The structure is safe and construction. It is quick and easy and suitable for large-scale plant implementation.
Issue Time:   2024-06-08
Expire Time:   2025-01-31

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