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Foldable Solar Charger

Foldable Solar Charger

Selling Parameters

Subject Foldable Solar Charger
Item No. WSF-20P
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Electronic,Electrical > Power Supplies > Foldable Solar Panel

Detailed Product Description

Foldable Solar Panel 20w Quality manufacturer in Taiwan
20W high-efficiency solar panel foldable solar charger, the back of the product has a bracket that can be conveniently placed on a flat surface facing the sun, and the 2A output under strong direct sunlight is Tablets, mobile power banks, cameras, and other USB charging electronic devices are charged. And configure a digital display box to confirm the output current.
As long as you have this one, you can charge with unlimited solar light!
1. As long as it is used in the sun, you just open it. Lightweight, sturdy and portable, it is super convenient to use!
2. The product is made of high efficiency solar panel durable up to 20 years.
3. It can charge many 5VUSB, tablet computers, mobile power supplies, cameras and other USB charging electronic devices.
4. Portable folding, very durable & sturdy! Suitable for outdoor activities!
5. You can use the string to fix it on the backpack.

Product specifications:
1.Solar panels:ETFE high efficiency mono crystalline silicon
3.Appearance material: waterproof polyester
4.Solar Module : 20W, 5V, 2A (  5W x 4 pc )
5.USB output: 5V, 2.4A (max)
6.Size: (open) L*W*H: 24.5x75x0.3 (cm) (close) L*W*H: 19x24.5x1 (cm)
7.Weight: 400g
8.Product Warranty: 1 year
9.In the patent application, counterfeiting will be investigated!!

Important safety information:
1.    Install and use according to applicable National Electrical Code (NEC) standards
2.    Verify that the installation surface has no hidden utility lines before drilling or driving screws
3.    Install only according to these instructions Improper installation can create hazards
4.    Wear ANSI-approved safety goggles and heavy-duty work gloves during installation Do not wear jewelry or metal watches when
working near solar panels, wiring, or batteries
5.    Keep installation area clean and well lit
6.    Keep out of reach of children
7.    Keep bystanders out of the area during installation
8.    Do not install when tired or when under the influence of drugs or medication
Issue Time:   2024-06-08
Expire Time:   2025-01-31

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