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Hollow Block Bricks

Hollow Block Bricks

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Subject Hollow Block Bricks
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Detailed Product Description

Flat Surface Green Hollow Block

Dimensions:29cm x 19cm x 14m

If energy saving and environmental issues are one of you concerns when designing a new project or planing on building a new house, the Flat Surface Green Hollow block might happen to be your best choice. You might wonder what the uniqueness and advantage of using this construction material are and the difference between conventional concrete block and our product are. The answer is very clear and obvious. Nowadays, environmental problems have become a main focus in the building industry. More and more people want to make sure their houses are energy saving and environmentally friendly. That being said, the aesthetic perspective should not be sacrificed to achieve this goal. Thus, using the Green Hollow Block become essential to designers and builders because this product has many outstanding properties that can provide a comfortable living space without sacrificing the look. Each green block has air sockets that can serve as a great heat insulation. Therefore, the wall built by these products can save up substantial energy and extra energy costs. In addition, the surface of the block has some natural print on it already, meaning you do not need to apply another layer on top of the block wall to do any kind of finishes. Thus, you can preserve extra labor at the same time.
Issue Time:   2021-01-14
Expire Time:   2021-07-03

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