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Hollow Bolt

Hollow Bolt

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Subject Hollow Bolt
Item No. RTH076060
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Industrial Supplies Hardware > Fiberglass > FRP Rebar

Detailed Product Description

Hollow RockBolt
FGRP hollow Rockbolt is an economical alternative and also enormous advantages for modern rapid heading method of tunnelling. Furthermore the cuttability protects the machinery and avoid obstructions while drifting or enlarging tunnels. The bolt has a high radial pressure resistance for injections with resins or grout, and is corrosion resistant for permanent support.

It has the features of no rust, non-corrosion, antiflaming, antistatic, light weight, easy to use, easy to cut, etc. And it’s non pollution and harmless to human body.

Full thread, resin glass, fiber reinforced plastics, is a composite material of high performance resin and high strength glass fiber, along with a variety of additives, processing  with a special processing technology.

Issue Time:   2022-01-12
Expire Time:   2022-07-12

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