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Pleated Water Filter

Pleated Water Filter

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Subject Pleated Water Filter
Item No. Double Open Ended
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Environment > Water Treatment > Pleated Filter Cartridge

Detailed Product Description

Pleated filter cartridge- DOE
The knife edges are engaged into the end of the cartridge using some kind of compression device, commonly a spring or screw action. Cartridges can be stacked on top of each other to make up longer lengths, allowing a reduction in the number of items stocked for many users, but it is generally recognized that full length cartridges are best.
The disadvantage of the DOE system is that the knife edge seal mechanisms are relatively crude and susceptible to damage or operator installation errors leading to potential bypass of the filter cartridge, and therefore a reduction in the efficiency of the filter system.
This style is not recommended where filtration efficiencies of absolute 5um and below are required, where continuous running at elevated temperatures will take place or where sanitization is required.
Double Open End (DOE) cartridges are ideal for non-critical, general purpose filtration and pre-filtration applications, where operating economies are of prime importance. Most commonly seen on SupaGard style cartridges.
Issue Time:   2019-08-24
Expire Time:   2020-03-08

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